What Our Students Say

I love my school because I love to learn new things and in this school that’s all you learn. We all wear uniforms, and seeing that we all wear the same things, we work better. Everybody sees everyone with the same clothes and that even helps with bullying issues. Another thing I love is science. Every year we have a very safe tradition of blowing up a microwave. Sometimes we put chip bags in and they shrink. Last, but not least, is the grades. All the K-3 are put together in one class, and my class is 4-8. Finally the 9-12 is in the high school. In conclusion, I would like you and your friends and family to join this school. This is the best school ever and I think you should come.

I love my school because it is AeA Academy and it is a charter school. We get personal help in education. When everyone is wearing a uniform, then you can concentrate on your work.

I have loved learning math this year in your class. You challenged me and gave me harder and harder work. No other teacher has printed harder worksheets unless it's for the whole class. Thank you. I didn't much enjoy the comma rules and things like that. That might just be me though. I don't like that stuff. I love math. I love reading and you made it so fun. You made me love it even more. Which I didn't think that was possible. Thank you.

Hi! My name is Liam. I live in a small town named Nephi. My school is, as some say, a charter school. My teacher’s name is Mrs. Tuckett. I love my school. It is a nice one. I like my teacher and my friends. I love my school because I’ve made new friends, and learned new things. I love my school because I have a lot of friends. I love how I have a lot of friends and I love my teacher and the games we play together.

I've said it before and will continue to say it...this is an AWESOME school.

This place was truly the best place for my child!! I love their teaching ideas!! And with his anxiety it's hard for him to sit all day, so with hands on learning great!!

My name is Amber McPherson, I wanted to share a few of my feelings with you and what a great job the staff is doing here at the Nephi Campus. My daughter began attending in November after years of struggling with school and bullying, and we enrolled our son a week ago. I wanted to let you know how amazing Mrs. Tuckett has been in helping my children transition and feel settled. It was an immediate difference in both of my children after just one day of attending class with Mrs. Tuckett. They were so excited to actually have a teacher that takes the time to help them understand what they are learning and makes them feel important on a daily basis. I love the way the curriculum is being taught! My daughter. Rylie is a whole new girl from the first day she started and it is all thanks to Mrs. Tuckett and how amazing she has been to her, as she is with all the students. The AeA charter school Program is doing great things here in our community and we are lucky to have such an asset as Mrs. Tuckett and the other staff for our children, we are truly grateful.