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Online Programs

Please note that grade levels are only suggestions. What is most important is picking the level that is right for your student.

Weekly monitoring is a requirement for the blended ed program.   There are two ways to engage in weekly monitoring: 

  1. Students may participate in I-ready, Strong Mind or IXL for a minimum of one hour per week .   I-ready is recommended for students K-5.  Strongmind is recommended for students 6-8.     
  2.  Parents who are not interested in an online program for their students can engage in weekly monitoring done from home through weekly reporting avenues. 

All other online programs listed below are still available to use with your students. Your can pick one additional online program for free (not counting Iready, Strongmind, or IXL), any additional programs will cost points.


Combines diagnostic data and Personalized Instruction to help all students succeed. Students take a comprehensive diagnostic in Math and Language Arts and then i‑Ready provides personalized online instruction with fun educational games. The features of i‑Ready are:

  • Personalize pathways to growth with precise instruction that is guided by
  • Motivate students to persist in building their skills 
  • Provide scaffolded support  that meets the needs of all students, especially English Learners  


Grades 6-8

Strongmind is a robust, high quality courses with engaging lessons for middle schoolers. It offers various courses in-line with state requirements for middle schoolers. It offers core classes as well as electives. 

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  A complete language arts and math curriculum for all grades (though we recommend this for students 4th grade and up). Provides a personalized learning experience with continuous diagnostics to target and address a student's individual needs It is a great tool to reinforce concepts. 

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Parents can choose one of the following programs as an additional optional online program for students.  If parents would like to use more than one additional online program they may use points to purchase additional online programs.


A very popular math program for older students. Students create an avatar and go on quests and battle monsters (think Pokemon). To win battles, they need to solve math problems. It feels like a video game to students. They can make friends with other avatars and play alongside real life friends from their class. The problems are doable, but complex and require careful thinking and often involve several steps. If students need help with the problems, there are tutorials and even video math lessons within the battle. This is a supportive curriculum, and not a full math curriculum.

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Very popular for younger students up to 3rd grade. This is an animated math learning platform. Kids work through math lessons to earn eggs, which they can use to purchase accessories for their avatar and house. When they answer questions correctly, animal characters dance and offer fun rewards along with eggs. The lessons are fun and interactive and teach using common core math. It covers a large breadth of math concepts and helps build a very solid mathematical base. Students take a placement test at the beginning of the year and work forward from placement.

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Reading Eggs/Reading Eggspress

An animated ELA/reading learning platform. Kids practice sight words, spelling, rhyming, syllables, etc. They work through ELA lessons and read books to earn eggs, which they can use to purchase accessories for their avatar and house. The lessons are fun and interactive. Reading Eggs is for about K-2nd and Reading Eggspress is for 3rd-5th grades.

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Parents must agree to use this program for 15 minutes every day to be enrolled in this program. 

This is an excellent program to help students who are just learning to read or are struggling to read.

The following online programs are offered to parents for no charge.  These will not be monitored through the school and are available for parents and students to sign up for an individual account.


Combining strategy, engagement, and imaginative reading passages to create a fun, curriculum-aligned literacy game! Students earn rewards for reading passages and answering comprehension questions, that they then use to play the game. Targeted towards 2nd-8th grades

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A high quality computer science curriculum. believes that anyone and everyone should have access to computer science lessons. We recommend this for anyone wanting to know more about computers and coding. 

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Duo Lingo

An online language program that offers lessons in 30 languages. This program is free. You can set it up and use it on your own.  

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Typing Club

Engaging and fun way to learn how to type.  Proper hand placement is emphasized. This is a great alternative for those looking to satisfy the online requirement. 

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Math Antics

These fun videos help explain math concepts

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Khan Academy

"Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace... (subjects include) math, science, computing, history, art history, economics, and more."  Khan "focuses on skill mastery to help learners establish strong foundations, so there's no limit to what they can learn next!"

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