Blended Education

What is Blended Education?

A partnership between the school and parents.

Blended Education is a partnership between the school and parents who wish to educate their children at home and provides these students with school resources to bolster their academic success. 

This is a great program for homeschooling parents or parents who want a different academic approach than the traditional classroom setting for students in grades K-8th.

Welcome to Athenian eAcademy's Blended Education

Your student’s educational growth is our #1 priority. We believe that the education of your student is a partnership between the student, parent, and school. Every student has different needs and we strive to help parents meet each student’s educational goals. To help meet these goals our Blended Education program is committed to provide the following:

  1. EPIC Day:  Once a week, students get together to participate in fun, hands-on educational activities that focus on STEM and Social Studies/History directed by a licensed teacher. A great chance for students to socialize with peers and give parents a break.
  2. One-on-one parent meetings with a licensed Education Specialist to provide support and help monitor your student’s progress
  3. Numerous & flexible choices for curriculum
  4. School Chromebook
  5. Elective options
  6. Options for Museum attendance/Subscription Box(es)
  7. End of the Year Field Day
  8. Field Trip(s)
  9. Science focus
  10. Parent Training Options
  11. Mid-year grade-level adjustments to support advanced achievement
  12. Frequent parent surveys to adjust program components for parent and student support
  13. A problem-solving strategy approach based on STEM philosophy to analyze students' needs and work with parents to develop the best solution for them. 

Benefits of Blended Education

Education Specialist

Every student is assigned an Education Specialist (ES) who is a licensed educator with experience in education in the home environment. The ES works with parents to track student progress and ensure that the student and parents are receiving support to meet the educational needs of the student.


The school will provide families with both online and physical curriculum based on the students’ academic level. Parents will work with the ES to custom design a curriculum specific to each student. Athenian uses a multi-tier system of support to meet each student’s particular academic needs. Additional student support is provided for students who need assistance.

Engaging. Practicing. Incorporating. Cultivating.

Most parents and students agree, EPIC Day is the best part of our program! Once a week students get together to participate in hands-on educational history, science, and social studies activities that incorporate arts, humanities, and PE activities that align with the state core standards. EPIC Days are geography-based, rotating two years on world history, one year for American history, and one year on Utah history.

Field Trips

One local field trip a month and 3-4 program-wide field trips a year.

Elective Classes

Parents have a choice of students participating in various humanities classes, including art, music, or theater classes or physical education classes. Individual activities vary per location.

One Book One School

In an effort to increase literacy and family togetherness we participate in the One Book One School program. A couple of times a year, students are given the same book and families are encouraged to read together. We have a culminating “book club” activity at EPIC Day where activities are based upon the book. The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate, and Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan.